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The Comfort Keepers® Senior at Home Care Collection

Before you start the conversation about senior at home care with your loved one, it is important to gather all the information about this type of services. By understanding what these services include and how they can increase senior independence, you can answer your loved one’s questions and doubts.

To introduce you to our senior at home care services, our caring team has prepared a number of brochures that explain how Comfort Keepers can make a difference in your senior mom or dad’s life.

You can start by answering some questions about your loved one’s condition. These questions can help you decide if the time has come to hire a professional caregiver. Next, you can familiarize yourself with some significant questions you need to ask yourself before opting for a home care agency.

You can also read about our values and mission, as well as about our unique caregiving philosophy known as Interactive Caregiving. There is an entire brochure dedicated to interactive caregiving, as this revolutionary approach is what truly makes Comfort Keepers stand out. This can help you determine if Comfort Keepers are the right home care provider for your loved one.

You can also explore our senior at home care services, such as in home care, respite care or transitioning care. In case you are looking for safety solutions for your senior mom or dad, you can learn more about our SafetyChoice technology, which includes products such as medicine management systems. These devices can prolong independent living in seniors, especially if they are combined with senior at home care.

Comfort Keepers Literature can help facilitate the process of choosing a care provider. With our helpful brochures, you can establish whether your loved one needs care and what type of care would best meet their needs. You can also learn more about our approach to caregiving, as well as our innovative devices that can keep your senior mom or dad safe at home.

In order to read any of our brochures, just click on the appropriate image to download. In case you still have questions for us after reading our literature, please feel free to contact Comfort Keepers of Woodland, CA, anytime (530) 285-1603. We are available non-stop to provide you with answers and help you find the best care solution for your loved one. We look forward to offering our services to your family! 



Making Every Moment of Life Matter Comfort Keepers®
provides an overview of the Comfort Keepers’ unique brand of senior at home care services. information sheet describes our mission, the Interactive Caregiving™ philosophy and how Comfort Keepers® make a difference.
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Interactive Caregiving SafetyChoice®
Brochure introduces our distinctive approach to senior at home care. The very heart of Comfort Keepers®. product information sheets offer a detailed look at the benefits and features of in-home safety technology solutions.
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20 Questions to Ask Before Hiring
a Home Care Agency
Determining if Your Loved One Needs Assistance
Everyone selects in-home care for different reasons.  The keys are to recognize when to introduce care and how to select the right senior care provider. Before you can determine how to select the right care provider, you must first decide when its time to introduce care.  The following questions can help you make this important decision. 
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