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How To Recognize The Onset Of A Stroke

May 3, 2018 by Jorge Preciado

Senior care at home services provide your senior loved one with the necessary support if they are at risk of having a stroke

A stroke is one of the most serious conditions affecting seniors. It occurs as a result of reduced or blocked blood supply to the brain, which is then unable to receive oxygen and nutrients needed to sustain life. Consequently, brain cells begin to die, causing significant brain damage or even death.

Experts from senior care at home services emphasize the importance of knowing how to recognize the most common signs of stroke, as reacting in a timely manner can save a person’s life, reduce brain damage to a minimum, and allow for a successful recovery.

These are the most common signs of a stroke:

Numbness in Arms, Legs or Face

At first, the signs of a stroke may be very subtle, such as twitches or unpleasant sensations in the arms, legs or face. However, in some cases, complete numbness or paralysis may set in on one side of the body.

Difficulties with Speaking and Understanding

If an older adult is acting confused, slurs while they speak or has problems understanding others while they speak, senior care at home experts points there is a high probability they are experiencing a stroke.

Impaired Vision

Sudden problems with vision such as blurred, blackened or double vision are also common signs of a stroke.  

Strong Headache

Prior to having a stroke, many older adults complain about sudden, severe headaches. Expert senior care at home experts reports that some seniors also feel dizzy or nauseous. Vomiting can also occur.  

Trouble with Walking

As a stroke can affect the center for balance in the brain, a senior having a stroke can stumble, trip or display other difficulties with coordination and balance.


If you are having any doubts that your senior mom or dad is experiencing the onset of a stroke, time is of the essence. Senior care at home experts recommends conducting the FAST test. This is a reliable, quick way to identify the primary signs of a stroke in under a minute. FAST stands for face, arms, speech, and time.

  • F – Ask your loved one to smile or show you their teeth. Look for signs of facial weakness and determine if one side of their face is drooping or appears uneven.
  • A – People having a stroke are usually unable to lift their arms evenly. Ask your senior mom or dad to raise their arms and see if they can manage to lift them to the same height.
  • S – Check if your parent is slurring while they speak by asking them to repeat a simple sentence.
  • T – If you notice at least one of these signs, call an ambulance or take your loved one to a hospital immediately. 

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