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Recovering After Knee or Hip Replacement Surgery With Non Medical Home Care Services

Jul 12, 2018 by Jorge Preciado

Making an investment in non medical home care services will help your loved one recover safely

Recovery from knee or hip replacement surgery can take a lot of time and effort for seniors. While the recovery process itself can be overwhelming, you can help your loved one by showing your support and being there for them whenever needed. It may also be a good idea to opt for expert non medical home care services as professional caregivers can assist your family with anything you might require during this challenging period. Let us take a look at some tips on how to make sure your loved one recovers successfully after knee or hip replacement.

Prepare a Recovery Room

When your loved one returns home, they need to have a comfortable place to rest. You can arrange one of their downstairs rooms into a recovery room equipped with all the items they will need while they are healing. Make sure the room you choose as a recovery room has easy access to a bathroom; if not, you will need to provide your loved one with a urinal or bedside commode.

Help with Medication Management

One of the most important things after surgery is following medication management guidelines provided by a doctor. For your loved one to recover quickly and safely, they need to take their meds as prescribed. To ensure proper medication management, you can opt for non medical home care services including medication reminders or select a technology product that leaves zero room for medication errors.

Help with Wound Care

Proper wound care is essential to a speedy recovery after surgery. You need to pay close attention to any signs of swelling or inflammation and notify your loved one's medical team in case of any unwanted changes. You may also need to change dressings and provide your parent with all the necessary medical supplies.

Help with Housekeeping

As your loved one will be in no condition to maintain their household, you should either take care of all daily tasks, such as cleaning, meal preparation, laundry, and others, or hire an expert from to perform routine activities around the home.

Provide Transportation

After surgery, your loved one will not be able to drive. However, it is paramount that they go to follow-up appointments in order to recover as quickly as possible. If you are unable to drive them yourself due to work or other obligations, it is good to know that non medical home care services typically include incidental transportation.

Encourage Rehab

To make a speedy recovery, your loved one needs to engage in exercises prescribed by a physical therapist. If your loved one is unwilling to participate in their rehab plan, you need to encourage them to perform their exercises on a regular basis.

Taking care of a loved one after surgery is difficult and time-consuming. To make the whole process more manageable for your family, you should consider hiring outside help. Non medical home care services are an ideal solution for seniors recovering from a knee or hip replacement surgery as they may speed up the recovery process while giving you peace of mind that your loved one is well-provided for at all times. 

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